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Welcome to The Currumbin Beach Vikings surf sports program.

Sport forms a vast and historic component of who we are as a club. From nippers to elite athletes, to Masters, all our members have the opportunity to participate surf sports training and competitions the motivating factor is to improve fitness and core lifesaving skills to keep our world famous beach safe. There are many disciplines from swimming events to board or ski paddling and beach sprints and beach flags events. Off the beach, surf lifesavers hone their swimming skills in the pool and participate in pool rescue competitions.

Our programme is both nationally and internationally recognised for delivering high performance athletes and fit highly capable lifeguards. Our athletes perform across all disciplines – including surf and beach events, surf boat and IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boats). The coaching programme caters for beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite, our international team member athletes from Australia and New Zealand plus our Nutri-Grain Ironmen and Woman and our overall clubs championships competition successes are testament to the quality of the coaching available to our members. We are pitching our talent against Australia and the world and we would love you to be a part of it.

Nippers Surf Sports Squad:

For those children aged 10-13 who wish to improve their surf skills and be more competitive, there is a coaching programme available Monday – Friday afternoons. The Queensland State Titles are held in Mid-March and are the panicle event each season for this age group.

Programme concept

Our surf sports programme is designed to cater for all members of the club across all age groups, levels of competency and disciplines. It helps athletes achieve their individual social and competitive needs. The programme also provides pathways for all members to become coaches, managers and surf sport strategists. The program is designed to be progressive throughout the weekly cycles and will flow from season to season, with the focus on fostering the growth and development of the athletes involved in the program both competitively and socially. Sequential skill development and pathway identification and tracking is critical and the development of athlete driven individual performance plans and coach monitoring tools is also vital to establishing the foundation for accountability and engagement with the by-product being performance and athlete satisfaction.

The coaching programme covers annual training cycles focusing towards the Australian National Titles in April and longer term, the World Surf Life Saving Championships in the Netherlands in 2016. The programme’s focus is on fostering the growth and development of the athletes, coaches and managers involved in the program. This helps support the mutual competitive and social goals of The Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club and our members. During the winter months the coaching focus is also directed at swim fitness, skill development and pool rescue practice in the swimming pool culminating with the Australian Pool Rescue Championships in August and World Championships in September.

Program Structure:

The overall structure of the program is developed to cater for all Surf Sports competitors within our club from age 10 (Nippers) through to Masters.

The program is specifically designed with a four level split of ability broken down into the categories of:

  1. Beginner – Level 1.
  2. Intermediate – level 2.
  3. Advanced – level 3.
  4. Elite – Level 4.

While incorporating the seven major surf sports disciplines of:

  1. Board Paddling
  2. Ski Paddling
  3. Iron Person
  4. Swim Events (Beach)
  5. Pool Rescue Events
  6. Beach Sprint & Beach Flags
  7. Board Riding

Sport Delivery Framework goal:

“To provide structured and skill specific surf sports training programs that caters for all competitive members of the Currumbin Beach Vikings.”

Program Concept:

The surf sports program is designed to cater for all members of the club across all age groups, level of competency and disciplines that will create pathways to achieving both the club and individuals social and competitive needs.

For all enquiries regarding the Surf Sports Programme please contact Kurt Wilson the Director of Surf Sports:

Kurt Wilson | | 0416661569

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